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Hey there, my name is Cathy Ann Olive and I am an EmpowerMENt Coach for Men.

I strive to support my clients in finding a positive path when it comes to taking back their lives and creating Self-acceptance, confidence and loving themselves unapologetically.  I support Men who want to feel EMPOWERED AGAIN.

Being a mother of 2 young Men, I understand the need for wanting to support Men in their Empowerment and Self Development journey; that passion runs deep. I have seen the pain and frustration most Men feel when a relationship goes south or when there are kids involved. It breaks my heart as a mother of sons. I personally wouldn’t want to see my sons go through that type of pain.

Many Men have been beaten down, talked down too, mistreated, misguided, used and abused.

Oftentimes my male friends or family members seek my support because they have nowhere else to turn or no one trusting enough to speak about what’s on their mind. I have become a voice of reasoning, a listening ear and a confidant. I constantly notice a pattern and decided to support them and (YOU) by creating a healthier space to vent so you can make the change necessary for your Self Development and growth.


Teaching my clients how to eliminate the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck and holding them hostage, from moving forward in the right direction is my passion.  

Boys are taught to be silent and that a boy shouldn’t show fear, hurt, sadness or frustration and they shouldn’t cry as it’s a sign of weakness. So, when they grow into men anything that hurt them they are taught to be tough and keep moving.

Does this sound familiar?

As a Coach (YOU) can share your thoughts, be vulnerable, open and honest about your feelings

I want every MAN to know he is HUMAN! He is deserving of love and respect too.

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